Is it possible to prevent Hepatitis? know its cause and cure. " />

Is it possible to prevent Hepatitis? know its cause and cure.

Hepatitis is a dangerous and deadly disease. World Hepatitis Day – World Hepatitis Day – is celebrated every year on July 28 to make people aware about hepatitis. The liver is affected due to hepatitis. Usually this disease causes swelling in the liver. Let us tell you about the types of hepatitis, prevention and treatment. Due to this disease, the functioning of the liver gets messy.

Reasons for Hepatitis
Some common causes of hepatitis are:

Virus infection: This is called viral hepatitis. The main reason for having hepatitis is infection of the virus. There are four such major viruses that damage the liver – Hepatitis A, B, C and E. These viruses reach the body through contaminated food and beverages. The cases of this type of hepatitis are more exposed during the summer and rainy season, because the water gets polluted in these seasons.

Alcoholic drink: This disease is also possible due to excessive consumption of alcohol, which is called alcoholic hepatitis.

Damage Medicines: Some medicines damage the liver. Hepatitis is also possible for this reason.

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Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E
Before eating anything, the hands should be cleaned with bactericidal soap or hand sanitizer.
Cleanliness should be done at individual and public places.
Do not drink unhygienic and unhealthy water.
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E virus can be avoided by avoiding the food feeds of unsafe food stalls engaged on the roads.
Vaccine is also available to prevent hepatitis A. After applying this vaccine, you can be safe from thyroid hepatitis A. The work of the development of hepatitis E vaccine is in progress, which is likely to be available in the future.