Deepak Manage sent to Dillibazar jail for three years " />

Deepak Manage sent to Dillibazar jail for three years

KATHMANDU, April 20: Deepak Manange, otherwise known as Rajiv Gurung, who was captured on Thursday evening, has been sent to imprison today.

Departing suddenly kill convict Manange has exhibited at the Kathmandu locale court toward the beginning of today and sent to Dillibazar imprison according to the court’s decision, Metropolitan police office representative Mohan Kumar Thapa educated.

Prior to January, the Supreme Court (SC) had indicted Manange in an endeavoured kill case and condemned him to five years detainment. He needs to remain in prison for a long time. He had as of now confront two years three months imprison sentence in this case.

Manange was on the keep running since the Apex Court maintained then Patan Appellate Court’s decision to imprison him for a long time in an endeavoured kill case.

The convict, Rajiv Gurung, had to keep running for and won the Provincial election from Manang as an autonomous applicant.