Stolen Dattatreya’s statue supplanted by new one at Chandannath temple " />

Stolen Dattatreya’s statue supplanted by new one at Chandannath temple

SURKHET, April 28: The symbols of Hindu divine beings and goddesses that that were stolen from Jumla’s Chandannath temple have been supplanted and restored.

The God Dattatreya’s 18 – kilo statue and 21 different symbols were stolen on November 26, 2016 from the Chandannath temple, a journey site in Karnali. A large portion of the icons were found on January 3, 2017 of every a close-by stream at Depal town, yet six symbols had remained unaccounted for.

Chandannath Bhairavnath Guthi Sansthan’s Secretary, Ramananda Acharya, said Dattatreya’s new statue was worked in India’s Dehradun.

Where the statue was found stayed empty for one and a half years after which Baba Bhawani Giri from Dehradun paid the cost of development of Dattatreya’s another symbol and transported it to Jumla with help of two ministers.

The statue has been put at the first area inside the temple after important religious procedure of sanctification.

After the statue  were stolen, Nepal Police and Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) assumed control over the obligation of researching and discovering them. Common Society Jumla’s Coordinator, Raj Bahadur Mahat, discussed the deferral in finding the symbol made of silver and gold covered Gajur or apex.

The historical backdrop of the temple goes back to the fifteenth century when Siddha Chandannath Baba began the religious love customs in the wake of planting paddies here. (RSS)