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Previous Attorney General and senior legal advisors shielding suspects of 33 kg gold pirating case

BIRATNAGAR: Former Attorney General Raman Kumar Shrestha and senior legal counselors Sambhu Thapa, Yadunath Khanal and Raju Basnet guarded speculates blamed for 33 kilo gram gold carrying and murder of co-backstabber Sanam Shakya on the third day of trial hearing at the Morang District Court on Sunday.

Amid the present trial hearing, Former Attorney General Shrestha, senior legal advisors Sambhu Thapa, Yadunath Khanal and Raju Basent shielded police, carriers workers and gold speculators blamed for the situation.

Moreover, legal advisor Udav KC additionally guarded the carriers representatives.

Essentially, attorneys twosome Shrestha and Thapa likewise protected Bhujung Gurung, previous DIG Govinda Niraula and suspended SP Bikash Raj Khanal.

In a charge sheet, police had guaranteed that Bhujung Gurung, who was engaged with gold carrying since two decades, as gold financial specialist and SP Khanal as an assistant to gold pirating boss Chudamani Upreti otherwise known as Gore.

Gurung drastically changed his announcement at the court. Two legal advisors who are shielding Gurung for the situation have declined his inclusion in the wrongdoing.

Senior attorney Basnet said his customers Bal Krishna Shrestha, Lal Bahadur Magar, Birendra Man Shrestha, Sambir Prasad Tolange, Doram Khatri, Gopal Kumar Shrestha, Punya Prasad Lama, Hemant Gautam are honest.

Amid the trial hearing, seniors attorneys have blamed District Court for venturing over of its territorial aruthority to care for the 3800 kilo gram gold sneaking case. In any case, they have said that the court has just right in meddling on Sanam Shakya kill case as it falls under its purview.

Prior, the offended party legal advisors had discussed for the situation on Friday. It has been discovered that the respondent’s legal advisor would participate in the trial hearing for couple of more days.

Prior, police had captured 30 people and documented a body of evidence against 63 people in association with the 33 kilo gram gold carrying and murder of gold bearer Sanam Shakya at the Morang District Court. In any case, 33 people are on the loose.

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